Bookassist goes head to head with Expedia

November 29, 2017
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​Bookassist, The Direct Booking Expert took to the stage with OTA giant Expedia at BTO Italy today.

The two major players in the online booking space went head to head on the merits or otherwise of using OTAs.

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While it was not disputed that OTAs have evoked enormous technological change in the market place and offer extended reach into new markets, Bookassist advised that they must be approached with caution.

Bookassist CEO Des O’Mahony argued that hotels should use OTAs but they should absolutely not let OTAs use them!

He answered three key questions hotels needs to understand:

  1. Do hotels need to use OTAs?
  2. Are they worth the cost?
  3. Who are OTAs working for?

Watch the full debate here:

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