Black Friday Frenzy Is Around The Corner – Get Started Early!

October 28, 2021
black friday frenzy top 10 tips featured image
Black Friday 2021 falls on November 26th, with Cyber Monday hot on its heels. And this year it’s set to be a bumper year given all the pent up demand for travel.

Our Top 10 tips to a bumper cyber weekend

Shoppers will be searching for deals for all their favourite hotels, so make sure you are well prepared and out there with your offers ahead of time.

1. Update your existing Black Friday/Cyber Monday landing page

Ideally, your Black Friday/Cyber Monday page will already exist from last year and have a reusable URL. This means that your page should not include any dates in the URL so that it can be reused, building organic authority every year. 

Ask your Digital Marketing specialist to review your page to ensure that it is optimised for SEO.

Black Friday Offers

2. Deep link to unique offers

Your offer has to be appealing with a significant, unique discount or must provide some added value. To be effective and to enhance the customer experience, the offer promoted should deep link directly to the offer itself. Think carefully about what you want to achieve. What behavior would you like to influence? If for example, it’s to increase the length of stay, then offer a significant discount on stays of more than 3 nights.

3. Be consistent with your images and message

Ensure you have a consistent visual image and message across all of your assets. This includes your website, social media, newsletters etc.

4. Use a pop on the homepage of your website

Use a pop up to draw immediate attention to your offer. Bookassist CMS offers a range of pop ups including a promo pop up.

black friday pop up examples

5. Grow your database with promo code pop ups

promo pop up example

Use a promo pop up to encourage people to exchange their email address in return for a promocode giving them access to an irresistible offer or discount. This is a very effective way to build your database, and it’s super easy to implement.

6. Prioritise sending offers to your newsletter subscribers

Your previous guests and opted-in subscribers should be the first to hear about your Black Friday/Cyber Monday offers. After all, this should be one of the perks of being a former guest or interested subscriber. The earlier you start this campaign the better, as competitors will be ramping up their activities and targeting your audience too.

7. Prioritise your social followers

Your social followers should be next in line to hear about your offers. Make them feel special by offering them an offer that’s only available to them. This can be followed by a general social advertising campaign to build awareness with the general public. Be sure to deep link to your dedicated landing page or offer.

8. Prime all of your online ads

Add relevant Black Friday/Cyber Monday site extensions. This will make people aware of your offers before they click on them and will greatly improve the CTR of your ads from potential guests.

black friday promotion extension and sitelink example

9. Create a sense of urgency

Use a timer to count down to your offers, taking full advantage of FOMO (fear of missing out).

countdown to black friday v2

10. Include vouchers

Take advantage of the Black Friday rush to promote your hotel vouchers. It’s also a great time to promote shopping for early Christmas gifts. Contact your Online Business Manager for help with creating the best vouchers set up.

Let’s Get Started!

To ensure a successful campaign, get started early, keep it simple, be consistent and spark attention by offering unique offers.

If you’re not currently working with Bookassist, but would like to hear more about the value we could drive for your business, simply contact us and a member of the team will be in touch soon!

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