Aquapalace Hotel Celebrates 12th Year With Bookassist

August 12, 2021
aquapalace hotel featured image

It’s celebrations all around as Bookassist and Aquapalace hotel in Czech Republic mark their long and successful relationship.

The award winning four star Aquapalace Hotel is part of the Aquapalace Resort, one of the best water parks in Central Europe featuring 21 water slides as well as a luxury spa and wellness centre. The hotel also boasts one of the most modern conference and exhibition spaces in Prague with 11 different halls and lounges, each spanning over 1000 square metres.

Aquapalace hotel started working with Bookassist in 2009 when their direct booking levels were less than 5%. Jump forward 12 years to 2021 and that figure has grown over 400%

Intense collaboration between the team at Aquapalace and Bookassist’s local team in Prague together with support from Bookassist’s International team have led the hotel to record direct booking results, regularly exceeding 50%.

“Like all successful relationships ours is built on mutual trust, respect and lots of listening. We have worked very hard and very well together over the last number of years. Bookassist’s expert advice and international insights have helped push us to constantly improve and optimise. The level of trust we now share allows us to get things done quicker, we share more information and we’re not afraid to try things out.“”

Miroslav Bukva, General Manager, Aquapalace Hotel Prague

Commenting on the partnership Bookassist market manager Jaromir Pazout said:

Miroslav and his team at Aquapalace have been great to work with from day one. They totally embraced the direct philosophy and took on all of our advice. Our joint objective of more profitable direct bookings has been facilitated by our ever strengthening relationship.

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