5 new initiatives from Bookassist to help hotels get ready for business

June 23, 2020
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Bookassist is helping hotels to get ready for business without the big outlay by offering additional support and some new features.

1. Go Live Now – Pay Later

Hotels and restaurants can avail of a new Smart website now when they need it, with no payment until 2021.

This recovery offer is open to all hotels and restaurants that commit before the end of July 2020, giving up to 6 months of free professional website presence. Read more.

2. New Covid-19 popup and dedicated icons for Smart Websites

Bookassist’s dedicated Covid-19 popup enables hotels and restaurants to prominently display a public safety statement on the homepage of their website.

Triggered by clicking on an animated button the popup helps to highlight the exact steps that are being taken to ensure hotel visits are virus-free. Dedicated Covid-19 icons will help to communicate your message in a more visual way.

3. Commitment-Free PPC Recovery Package

When people start to travel again, one of the first things they will do is to search for hotels on Google.

Give your hotel the essential visibility it needs today with Bookassist’s contract free PPC package.

What’s included?

  • Brand campaign on Google for all your hotel name searches
  • Prospecting campaign on Google for your location and services
  • Delivered in 2 languages (more possible)
  • Tailor-made ads, unique to your property, with a full range of ad extensions and site links

Run for as little as 1 month or keep going for up to 3 months. There’s no contract, you pay month to month, and can cancel any time. Read more.

4. Two new Booking Engine features to help hotels reduce cancellations

1. Reschedule, Don’t Cancel

Bookassist has introduced a new ‘Modify Booking’ message to its standard booking cancellation process. Bookers are asked to reschedule their booking instead of cancelling the booking.

This will help hotels to mitigate cancellations by helping clients to retain the booker, albeit at a later date.

2. Voucher exchange for non-refundable bookings

The feature enables the exchange of a prepaid, non-refundable booking for a cash voucher, to the value of the original booking.  This new feature will drive goodwill with bookers who for example have been forced to cancel due to no fault of their own.

5. Risk free Metasearch

New to metasearch? If your hotel has never tried Metasearch then this new initiative from Google is perfect for you. Google’s Pay Per Stay allows hotels to engage with Metasearch and only pay when the guest stays. It’s ideal for hotels who want to try out Metasearch.

Bookassist will help you get the visibility you need now by getting you set up on Google PPS. We will manage your visibility and campaigns for a low once off set up fee and risk free commission. You will always have the option to expand your Meta presence on other Metasearch channels by signing up to our full service.

To find out more about any of these initiatives, please contact us

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