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Your digital presence is often the first impression people have of your hotel!
Creating an impact on all formats - desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile - is vital.

It makes sense to sharpen your image online.
Start today. And stop missing opportunities.

Bookassist Web Design is an essential module of Bookassist’s 360° Direct Booking Solution for Hotels, which also includes Booking Engine, Digital Marketing, and Distribution Management.

Bookassist Web Design delivers dynamic, emotive, uniquely designed responsive websites which adapt both form and function to the needs of users on different platforms. The Bookassist advantage is the tight integration of these services so that they all work together seamlessly to maximise your hotel's exposure and eliminate barriers to booking. Full content management keeps you in control at all times and ensures your content is fresh (and free to update). Highly-integrated digital marketing and visitor analysis helps you continually improve your online business.

Bookassist offers a number of website build options for your hotel to suit your requirements and your budget.

Designed with one aim in mind - Conversion!

Bookassist focuses exclusively on the hotel industry and we know what’s important both to you and to your customers. What’s more, because our success is tied into your success we only implement ideas that convert! Other design companies may design fabulous looking sites but we specialise in those that not only look good but are also built to convert.

Fully responsive with full content control

Many web companies make the mistake of assuming that "responsive" just means scaling the screen and moving content around. At Bookassist we go much further. From constant analysis of user patterns across hundreds of hotel websites we operate, we can see that users may behave differently on each platform (desktop, tablet, mobile) and may have different needs. We adapt the priority of material accordingly, to ensure we are serving the most relevant information and functions to the right users at the right time. This ensures a more satisfying experience for your customer, and higher conversion.

Our Content Management System (CMS) is software that allows you to create and modify information such as text and graphics on your website with no web or designer knowledge required. Typically, updating a non-CMS site will require either technical knowledge or the use of a web design company for every little change (i.e. cost). Bookassist CMS-enabled websites allow you to make changes directly on the site and feature more advanced tools for maintaining content.

  • Quickly make changes to your site at any internet enabled PC.
  • Avoid time and expense using 3rd party web design or IT companies to manage your updates.
  • No requirement to learn Photoshop, PHP, HTML or JavaScript coding techniques.
  • Easily track visitors and gather usage statistics.

To help rapid content development, you can make use of a comprehensive array of built-in data templates such as photo galleries, news and events modules and many others.

Your Hotel. To Go.

People are increasingly booking on the go. It is the fastest growing segment of online booking. (See discussion on our blog: Mobile User Behaviour is Changing.)

Search is still the primary route to your hotel on mobile. To capture demand, you need a responsive website or webapp that is just one tap away from search results on mobile. An app won't help you at this critical point.

Your mobile solution must offer languages, reviews, mapping and routing, social media integration, photos and video, and of course a fully functional booking engine.

Bookassist's Web Design team builds advanced responsive websites with technology focused on hotels' needs. Our mobile technology includes a fully responsive mobile booking engine to ensure your customers get the best experience possible on every platform.

Bookassist's mobile technology has been used by hundreds of hotels since 2010 and was awarded the EyeforTravel Mobile Innovation Award in 2013.

Mobile booking for hotels

Service Specifications


  • All clients using the Bookassist Booking Engine.


  • All sites are hosted by Bookassist and a content management system (CMS) is provided for customer management.

CMS Requirements

  • No installation at hotel or on hotel networks required. Fully internet-based system accessible from any internet-connected PC.

Service Levels

  • Standard Responsive
    Ideal for smaller hotels and guesthouses. Feature-complete CMS and highly cost-effective.
  • Premium Responsive (and Premium Responsive Advanced)
    More powerful CMS-driven platform giving greater flexibility and individuality for your hotel or hotel group, with a range of plug-ins and add-ons to suit most needs.
  • Bespoke Responsive
    For hand-crafted top-class design implementation, built on our Premium CMS, with unlimited flexibility.

CMS Key Features

  • Built on a responsive framework to adapt to and target desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile in different ways.
  • Unlimited number of pages. Create landing pages for specific marketing purposes quickly.
  • User friendly navigation, decide exactly how and where sections will appear.
  • Powerful visual HTML editor allows you insert/modify text, links, graphics, tables, forms etc quickly and easily.
  • Set up logins and restrict access to certain parts of the site for other admins.
  • Multi-lingual capability essential to the hotel sector.
  • Cross-browser compatible, Search Engine Optimized compliant HTML output.
  • Seamless integration with Bookassist Digital Marketing, Bookassist Booking Engine, rates information, vouchers and availability checker.
  • Google Analytics, Google Analytics Ecommerce + Google Maps integration.

CMS Available Modules

  • Photo Gallery - Create responsive photo presentations on your website with just a few clicks.
  • Video Gallery - Display streaming video tours of your hotel online.
  • News/Events/Special Offers - Enables time-based articles to be displayed on the site.
  • Site Search - All content within the site can be accessible using this feature.
  • Booking Engine Feeds - Drag & drop late availability info, special offers, pricing information directly from your Bookassist Booking Engine Admin.
  • Booking Engine special offers comparison widget - your customers can tag only those special offers they are interested in for easier comparison.

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