Corporate system

Fast-track Agent Booking // Corporates and Booking Agents

Your corporate and booking agents are valuable assets. You need to provide special rates to them, fast-track their booking procedure, give them top-notch management facilities and perhaps accumulate loyalty points. Many corporate agents make multiple bookings daily across a hotel group and need to be able to track and manage cancelations and changes, and retrieve reports.

These critical business services can be fully automated through Corporate System, the ideal corporate plug-in to Bookassist's industry-leading Booking Engine.

Fast-track Agent Booking // Benefits to your corporates

Corporate and booking agents want a specific and high level of service to streamline their work. Your hotel or group needs to provide solutions to them, not additional problems or roadblocks.

With Corporate System, your agents can

  • quickly access a customized booking area
  • view preferential rates and any public special rates
  • avail of stored personal details autofilled in bookings
  • enter specific guest details on behalf of their customer
  • arrange for SMS and email confirmation to their customer
  • search and manage existing and previous bookings
  • cancel or alter bookings
  • accumulate loyalty points if applicable

Enhance your agents' experience of your hotel by providing the highly functional but simple to use Corporate System.


Fast-track Agent Booking // Benefits to your business

Like many hotels, you probably have a significant number of corporates and corporate users that can make management a bigger job than it should be. Bookassist solves this issue for you with a streamlined management system.

With Bookassist's Corporate System, your hotel or hotel group can personalize its approach to agents and can

  • set up any number of corporate identities
  • brand each corporate log-in area with corporate logos
  • add any number of users to each corporate identity
  • associated private special rates with any corporate identity
  • set different payment methods for each agent, e.g. credit card, invoice, corporate account
  • allow agents accumulate loyalty points for bookings if required

High service levels build more loyalty and return business from your agents. Protect this valuable asset with Bookassist's Corporate System.


Your customer IS your business // Reward Loyalty

There's a saying: "The reward for work well done is the opportunity to do more." Give your corporate customers and agents every opportunity to return again with your very own loyalty scheme or rewards program.

With the Loyalty System option on Bookassist's Corporate System, your customers can

  • accumulate points for every booking
  • log in to the hotel's loyalty area
  • manage and review their booking history
  • cancel or modify their bookings
  • track their points accumulated and used
  • redeem their points against new bookings
  • view preferential rates you offer exclusively to them

You build more loyalty and return business. Your customers experience a higher level of service, brand experience and commitment to their custom. With Bookassist, it's a win win situation.

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