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Bookassist celebrates “Szebesta Day”

By Des O'Mahony | On Mon, August 11, 2014

​On August 11, 2000, the newly-live Bookassist booking system received its first ever hotel booking. A certain Dr Szebesta booked an Irish hotel to arrive on August 19 for two nights.

The original Bookassist system went live with a number of hotels in the first week of August 2000, and the very small number of us involved back then waited anxiously to see if a direct booking would arrive. It took a couple of days, as we checked and checked to make sure we weren’t getting something wrong, before the first booking was made. And the momentum very quickly started to build.

Since that day, Bookassist has processed millions of reservations for our hotel partners across our many markets worldwide with the rate of bookings growing substantially each year.

But we still celebrate “Szebesta Day” across the company every year in honour of that very first booking many years ago.

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